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Hothouse for world changing creative ideas

Moving people and markets with technology that matters. That's our mission. At Skopei, we think technology is not a goal, it is the facilitator to make your life more pleasant.We strive to incorporate technology into our products and services in a way people do not notice it.

DIfferent problems demand different expertise. Skopei's in-house business units have deep insight into their particular market segments. This results in carefully balanced combinations of the latest technologies with detailed market knowhow to create systems that focus on relevant issues for today and tomorrow.

By combining the wide range of experiences and expertises throughout the Skopei organization and the insight in specific markets we significantly reduce out "time-to-market" for new products. The valuable cross-fertilisation between colleagues is the key to succes at Skopei. In our flat organizational structure decisions are based on the quality of arguments instead of a position in the hierarchy. Initiative, creativity, drive and perseverance characterize everyone who works at Skopei.

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