Manage office spaces and workplaces digitally

Managing office spaces and workplaces digitally as a facility manager and optimizing the occupancy rates of properties? It's possible with our digital door lock featuring keyless unlocking: one digital key for all offices.

What you need as a facility manager for digitally managing office spaces and workplaces?

New remote work policies, flexible working, and multiple offices introduce challenges in providing good real estate services. Access control, in particular, poses significant challenges. Skopei has designed a solution that provides companies with insight, control, and security. With our Smart Door Locks linked to Topology every office can be opened via a smartphone or company card. All Smart Door Locks are real-time connected to the cloud, allowing access rights to be easily assigned or revoked. We also offer the option to integrate the smart door locks with our Topology reservation system, ensuring access to office spaces only when a reservation is present.

Kantoorruimtes en werkplekken digitaal managen

How does digitally managing office spaces work for facility managers using our Topology software?

Through the Topology Admin Panel, you create user groups, granting them access to specific spaces based on day and time schedules. Have a new colleague onboard? Simply add them to a user group, and instant access is available. Want to provide employees access to only one fixed location and flexible access based on reservations? That's also possible!

Interested in the features of our Smart Door Locks? Download the productbrochure of our smart door locks.

Managing office spaces and workplaces digitally with our door locks in practice

Through the Topology Admin Panel, you have real-time insights into the usage of the Smart Door Locks, and you can change access rights. You also have visibility into the status of the smart door locks, ensuring you always know when a battery needs replacement.

Access control via Topology is available with any Topology Organization Subscription. All you need additionally are Skopei Smart Door Locks. You pay a one-time fee for the purchase and then a monthly fee ranging from €4 to €7.

Elektronisch cilinderslot Skopei

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