Electronic bike Lock

Managing, sharing, and renting

A solution for every kind of bike with Skopei's electronic bike locks. Discover the different Skopei Smart Bike Lock variants and easily manage, share and rent your bikes.

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Keyless unlocking

Optional tracking

Public bike sharing

Three variants of our electronic bike lock

The Skopei Smart Bike Lock transforms any bike, pool bike, or e-bike into a smart mode of transportation. Our intelligent electronic bike locks enable keyless unlocking, eliminating the risk of key loss, the need for key management, and allowing for faster deployment and return of bikes. Optionally, our smart bike lock can be equipped with GPS (standard on Smart Bike Lock Keypad) for insight into the location of bikes. The standby time on a single battery charge is up to 24 months (*with GPS up to 12 months). The Skopei Smart Bike Lock is available separately or as a perfect all-in-one solution, including an app and software for managing, sharing, and renting your bikes.

Elektronisch fietsslot NFC

Electronic bike lock NFC

  • Unlock through company card, tag or key fob
  • Connect through the Skopei Network
  • Optional tracking
  • Standby up to 24 months*
Elektronisch fietsslot Bluetooth

Electronic bike lock Bluetooth

  • Unlock via Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • Optional tracking
  • Standby up to 24 months*
Elektronisch fietsslot Keypad

Electronic bike lock Keypad

  • Unlocking through a physical keypad on the lock
  • Connection through LTE-M (4G)
  • Built-in GPS-module
  • Standby up to 12 months

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Topology App and online environment

Topology is the in-house developed software by Skopei. It is available online for users and as an app for unlocking bikes. Meanwhile, organizations can manage the entire fleet of bikes in their own online management portal. Gain insights into routes taken, costs, usage patterns of bikes, by whom, and at what times.

  • Location data
  • Status of the lock (locked or unlocked)
  • Battery percentage of the lock
  • GPS-location
  • Optional: odometer reading
Topology app en online omgeving voor het beheren en verhuren van aanhangers

Applications and benefits of our electronic bike lock

Curious about how bike rental companies and mobility providers can apply our electronic bike lock in practice? Discover the benefits for each application.

  • Fully digitized rental process
  • Keyless unlocking
  • Insight into the usage and location of bikes
  • Make your inventory publicly available
  • Ensure optimal occupancy rates
Fietsverhuur met elektronisch fietsslot
  • Your bikes and platform, our locks
  • Integratable into your sharing proposition
  • Your own backend
  • Keyless unlocking
Mobiliteit aanbieden met elektronisch fietsslot
  • Location data
  • Status of the lock (locked or unlocked)
  • Battery percentage of the lock
  • GPS-location
Mobiliteit aanbieden met elektronisch fietsslot

Download brochure & specifications electronic bike lock

Read all about the Skopei Smart Bike Lock in the digital brochure. You can find all technical specifications in the details.

Smart Bike Lock NFC

Case: Electronic bike lock for NS Public Transport Bikes.

With Skopei's smart electronic bike lock, the OV-fiets (public transport bike) is unlocked using the OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card). Convenient for the traveler and eliminates the need for NS (Dutch Railways) to manage physical locks.

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